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Ready for College for $6 including tax!


I sure hope you can see this picture!! Just in case you can’t, it includes: 2 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags, 2 kotex liners, 2 carefree liners, 9 publix liners, 2 pantene shampoo, 5 garnier shampoo, 2 shaving cream, 9 kids toothpaste, 33 travel toothpaste, 60 packs of bic and papermate pens, lipton tea, 2 reach floss, bic disposable razors, 7 spiral notebooks, 2 scotch tapes, 2 pilot G2 2pk pens, 4 packs of mechanical pencils, 4 suave deodorants, one pack of sharpie highlighters, two scotch tapes, and one dove chocolate bar. It’s a lot of stuff to type out, so just ask if you have any questions. I did this at publix, walmart, and target over ten days or more, so there was absolutely no shelf clearing. Also, I really did print and clip all of the coupons necessary and use them as directed, promise! As a college student, I will use most everything, but will donate lots of pens and all of the toothpaste. Thanks and good luck :)

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