Awesome $5 off $10 purchase or more of Revlon Cosmetics, MQ, with no wording of Walgreen’s on it, and it expires 6/30/16. Bar code is on the back of peelie. (so you could use it at any store.) Peelie was found on Revlon Colorsilk Luxurious Hair Color, which is on sale 2/$5. I was not familiar with the Revlon brand/subcategories, so I asked if the $2 off 1 Revlon colorsilk buttercream was for the 2 for $5 product, she tried the coupon, and it went with it no problems, so, 2 boxes of haircolor for 50 cents each, and an awesome coupon for future use.


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2 thoughts on “Revlon peelie at Walgreen’s!”

How did you get to use 3 coupons for 2 products if the coupons were all manufacturer coupons without adding a filler item ?


hello Julie, to clarify, only 2 boxes of hair color were purchased, and 2 MQ’s were used. On the boxes were peelies for COSMETICS, that i plan to use in the future. others out there might agree with me, that you can’t just take peelies off the box, without purchasing the item they were on.