Used the buys for theraflu, Nivea, skintimate and wet n wild. The Chex mix was 2/$4 I have .50/each. Oop $5.18. I never did this before. It was an awesome feeling.


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3 thoughts on “Rite Aid First Timer Scores While Hubby Looks On!!!”

Where was that Nivea coupon, please? Earlier, I read it was in SS11/15, but I went through that SS piece by piece and couldn’t find it.


Coupons are regional – sometimes you get them, sometimes the value is different or qty required for buy is different, and sadly sometimes you don’t get them at all. If it is an important deal for your families use, consider ordering them online on Sunday’s from a clipping service. Otherwise patience usually pays off, you should get them in your region on the next go around.


It’s on 11/15 SS there are two coupons 3$off 2 or 1$of 1