I received a Rite Aid coupon last week $7 off with $70 purchase last week and so I planned my trip today how can I maximize my savings. I also used Manufacturer Coupons (MC) + Rite Aid Coupons (RC)- from email or store ad.

2-Tresemme Shampoo 25oz $4/each
>MC:$3/2 (RP1/3)

1-Dove Body Wash 22oz $5.99
>MC: $1/1 (RP1/31)
>RC: $1.5/1

2-Dove Shampoo 12oz $3.5/each
>MC:$3/2 (RP1/31)

1-Suave Body Wash 12oz $1.75
>MC: $0.75 (RP1/31)

4-Cerave Cleansing Bars $7.29/each
***20% off gold member = 5.83/each
>MC: 4x $3/1 (SS1/10)

2-Chloraseptic Lozenge $3.99/each
>MC: 2x $1 (printed)

3-Digiorno Pizza $5/each
>MC: B2G1free (RP1/31)

*Gave the $7off/70 before Rite Aid coupons then Manufacturer Coupons.

*Use Plenti Points to Pay : 35.99 tax included
*Received : 33.00 worth of Plenti

Second Transaction:
2-Colgate Toothbrush $3.49
>MC: 2x$0.5/1
>RC: 2x$2/1
2-Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
>MC: 2x$0.5/1
*Used oral care Rite Aid Coupon from email: $2/10
*Paid $5.78 tax included, received $4 of plenti


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3 thoughts on “rite aid haul”

Rite aid sends me their coupon through email or sometimes it prints in store.


Where do you find the rite aid coupons


That’s what I was wondering