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Rite Aid Haul, $3 MM on Colgate Products!


I went to Rite Aid today and saved a ton!

Here is my first transaction:
2 Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpastes @ $4.99 ea.
2 Colgate 360 power toothbrushes @ 6.99 ea.
Total before coupons and previous ups = $23.96
Used (2) $2 MC on toothbrushes
(2) $1 MC on Toothpaste and $4 up rewards
Brought my total to $13.96 + tax, and got back $21 in ups! So it was a $7 MM, or $3 if I exclude my ups I used in the transaction.

2nd Transaction

2 Nonni Biscottis (not pictured) 2/$5
2 Sucrets 2/$3
2 Carmex 2/$2
2 Mike and Ikes 2/$2
Subtotal $12 + tax
- 4.50 in coupons
-$6 in ups from first transaction (that is all that I could use)
Spent $1.80 oop
Got back $5 in ups

So I spent a total of $17.20 oop and left the store with $20 in ups, which I will roll into the next weeks to come so I don’t have to spend as much as I did today oop. Overall I am happy with my savings :)

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