CVS Haul
I needed to roll an ecb that was about to expire, so I planned deal that had me coming out ahead with 1.98oop

2 Colgate for $3.39 ($5.00 ecb)
2 Crest for $3.00 ($4.00 ecb)
2 Irish Spring body wash $3.99 ($4.00 ecb)
1 Sure deodorant $1.75 (1.00 ecb)

Used 2 $1/1 Crest ( March P&G)
Used 2 $1/1 Colgate
Used 2 $1/1 Irish spring q
Used 1 $.75/1 sure q
Used $4 off 20 purchase sent to my email
Rolled a $10 ecb
oop $1.98 with $14 in ecb’s
I rarely burn a high value ecb, instead I try to work a deal where I come out even with very little oop.


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One thought on “Rolling an Extra care buck!!!”

Fyi…my favorite CVS manager told me they now accept expired ECBs! No more last minute trips to use them before you lose them 🙂