2 dove shampoo and conditioner for 2,46 each in sale , use 3 $coupon and 3$ saving star rebate ( i forgot use cartwheel for 20%) ☹️

3 air wick refill 2, 65 each in sale use 3 /1$ coupon and get 2 warmer free

6 mm candies for 1$ each use 3/1$ coupon

1 garnier skincare for 1,99$ use 3$ coupon

10 yoplait for 59 cts each use 1/1$ coupon

Nivea lip care for 1,88 use 1/3$ coupon

2 airwick refreshner for 1,47 use 2/1$ coupon

Everything less than 15 dls


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2 thoughts on “Sale at target”

I am not the one who made this post but I picked up a few the other day from Target here in WI, for the same price. They were mostly fall, and holiday scents through.


Where are you located that the air wick refills are on sale at that price??