The picture cut the sidewalk chalk out but that’s ok! Made out like a bandit at Walgreens today! Got all of this 4 transactions – details below!
First transaction: buy 2 Crest for $3.49 each, get $3.50 RR. Used 2 $2 off coups. Paid $3.50, got $3.50 register reward
Second transaction: Herbal Essences sale 2/$5, get $2 RR. Used BOGO coup from the Sunday paper. Paid $2.88, got $2 RR.
Third transaction:
Brut and Sure deodorants were on sale for $1, used 5 $1 off coup from Sunday paper
Bic razors on sale $2.99, used 3 $2 coups from Sunday paper
Colgate toothbrushes on sale 2/$6, used 5 $2 off one Colgate 360 coup from the Sunday paper
Blink contact solution originally $5.99, on sale for $3.99 but only .99 after $3 coupon in Sunday paper. No limit on them so used 6.
Old spice deodorant buy one get one 50% off plus used the $1 digital coupon on Walgreens app. (The husband will only use this kind so the total would’ve been $10 less if he wasn’t such a prince)
Bubbles and sidewalk chalk were on clearance for .30 each
Paid $30, saved $97. Earned no RRs but got a lot of balance points
Fourth transaction: The TY stuffed animals originally $5.99 on clearance for $1.50 ea
5 Equestrian Girl MLP Dolls on clearance for $4 ea.
Used previously earned $3.50 RR, $2 RR, and another $2 RR I had.
Paid $17, saved $66

Total: paid $53 OOP (I don’t subtract RRs), saved $175!!!! 37 things for $53!