So I commute to work every day about 60 miles away. I change my oil a lot! Went to get my oil changed again today and asked for just basic oil change like I always do. Costs me about $40 every time. Should last about 3000 miles or you can stretch to 5000 but that’s not the best for your car. At least so I think? When I asked a few questions about what I could do better in my case I found out some pretty cool info. By choosing the basic package I’m choosing a synthetic oil that isn’t a very good grade and doesn’t really last past 3000 miles. So for 6000 miles I will pay about $80 and get my oil change twice. But if I pay $20 more and put a high grade oil in my car, It can last up to or even over 6000 miles and get my oil changed once. That’s a $20 savings, plus time saved getting my oil changed and my car drives better!


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One thought on “Saving money on oil changes!”

Or just buy the oil and pan and learn to do it yourself.
My fiance showed me how too when we had our toyota ans now i cringe everytime i see someone paying for a change when its so incredibly easy to do and saves sooo much money. Plus its always a good thing know how to do(: