I went to my Kroger store and found some awesome deals this week.  First, they had deodorant marked down (Speed Stick Gear, Lady Speed Stick, Right Guard Clinical, and Mitchum) most for $.49, $.69, and $.79.  Next, I found Kozy Pudding Cups marked down to $1.59 and then learned it was in the Mega Savings Event and got $1.00 off (didn’t even know this until I was looking at my receipt) so the pack of 4 was $.59.  Lastly, I bought some Swiss Miss Keurig Packs for $.99 each.  Yes, I realize some of these are “luxury” items but I couldn’t resist.

I spent $22.35 for products/food worth a total of $74.56.  If I did my math correctly that’s a savings of 70%!!  I’m still learning how to coupon but I couldn’t resist such fantastic deals and no coupons required!!  I have learned to ALWAYS check our Kroger “clearance” section because you never know what you’ll find!