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Score!! FREE Tote & Clearance steals!


I am loving Target lately! I got a free tote with my purchase today, which I absolutely love! I’ll break it down for you :)

1st of 2 transactions

2 St. Ives apricot scrubs .97ea x2= 1.94
Used (2) 1/1 any St. Ives apricot scrub
Total = +.06 money maker!!

Olay Regenerist Cleanser 5.99
Used 3/1 olay regenerist and 2/1 olay target beauty bag
Total = .99

2 Pantene Hair Spray 3.34 x2 = 6.68
Used 3/2 pantene and (2) 2/1 pantene styling target q
Total = .32 money maker!!

Up & Up peroxide .52
Use .75/1
Total = FREE

2 Covergirl Eyeshadow 3.14ea x2 =6.28
Use 3/2 covergirl and 2/2 covergirl target beauty bag
Total = 1.28 for 2 (.68 ea)

Total before coupons 21.41
Total 1.89!!!!! (before tax)
After tax 2.79!!!!

The girl forgot to scan my 3/2 covergirl q so had to go back in and ask for my money back. It pays to pay attention. This purchase printed out a 3 off of 20 beauty catalina which I use in the next transaction

(Note: My Target is out of Aveeno lotion that is on sale so they substituted the nivea for it, that’s why it’s 6.83 and not the $7.38 it should be)

2nd transaction

Nivea Q 10 Lotion 6.83
Use 3/1 nivea q 10 and 2/1 nivea target beauty bag
Total = 1.83

Purell 2.89
Use 1/1 purell and 1/1 purell target
Total = .89

L’oreal Infallible Lipstick 8.99 on clearance 2.68
Use 1/1 l’oreal cosmetic target printable
Total = 1.68

L’oreal Infallible Lip Colour 9.99 on clearance 2.98
Use 1/1 l’oreal cosmetic target printable
Total = 1.98

Up & Up Cotton 100ct. .99
Use .50/1 up & up cotton product
Total = .49

2 Covergirl Eye Shadow 3.14×2 = 6.28
Use 3/2 covergirl and 2/2 covergirl
Total = 1.28 for 2 (.68 ea)

2 Clean & Clear Foaming face wash 3.69 x2 = 7.38
Used (2) 1/1 any clean & clear printable
Total = 5.38 for 2 (2.69 ea)
4.99 value Tote bag = FREE!!!

Total before discounts & coupons: $47.89
After discounts & coupons: 10.53
Total including tax: 11.90!!!!!

Both transactions total before: 69.30
Total after everything (including tax): 14.69!!!!

The Clean & Clear free tote deal I just happened to see when I got my 17 magazine. It was an advertisement I almost looked over. It didn’t say when the promo started, just in July and runs through September. I went into my local Target and asked a sales person and they were on a cart that was about to be put out today! So I’m lucky I went today and not yesterday. There are two different bags, my Target only had one kind on the cart so I had to get that one, but I liked them both. This deal says it is at ALL NATIONAL TARGET stores, so you too can get it! I was needing to get clean & clear stuff anyways so it was a score to find a gift for free with purchase

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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