Found Scotch Brite heavy duty scour pads, copper coated pads, stainless scour pads, and 1ct basic sponges at Dollar Tree today.

$1 when you buy 2

My Walmart has been out of the .97 sponge packs so if yours has too check DT for a chance to use up the mfq before it expires on the 29th.


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2 thoughts on “Scotch Brite at Dollar Tree…mfq expires soon”

Last night my Dollar Tree refused to use my coupons. First, they had a problem with them being printed from Then they said they definitely could not take the $1 off coupons. I had Softsoap and Puffs. When I got home I sent a letter to their corporate office to ask that they receive more training on coupon acceptance, since their policy clearly states they should have taken these. Bummed!


My nearest Dollar Tree has nervous cashiers. Two of them always start out our interaction with “We have a new coupon policy” then they riffle through my coupons and say, “Let’s see if this works”.
They don’t have a new coupon policy. They quote me the same policy that’s been in place for mos. They just get annoyed or nervous.
I wish they’d ask them to just have a better attitude about it.