Today I was cutting through Sears and I noticed they had an additional 60% off clearance that was already up to 80% off so I took a peek…

Regular Retail total (no, nope, wouldn’t happen)
= $598.00
Already reduced total (eh. No. Too pricey still)
= $102.91
Extra 60% off total (okay, now we’re talking)
= $41.16
Plus with my shop you way rewards I had $15/$40 and $.11 in points (sold!!)
= $26.05!

Just under $2.90 per dress! That’s my kind of price!


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3 thoughts on “SEARS: over 95% savings!”

That’s so cool! I never fims deals like this, or maybe I do but don’t really pay attention. But today I went to one of my local stores and score really cheap comforter sets. I got 2 king size 7 piece and 2 twin size 4 piece comforter sets for $35 including tax! They are in perfect condition. I never get so lucky like this. And to top it off my husband got a $2 lottery ticket and won $30! Lol I guess today was our lucky day lol


That is sooooo awesome!!!! Even clothes too!!! Geesh i really need to learn how to coupon clothes and everything


The 60% off winter clearance doesn’t need coupons. This was going on in my store as well, but coupons are a huge plus!