so, i finally found the free cans of seattles best coffee at cv today (thanks to a fellow bragger yesterday!). I was able to get 5 and I thought I’d come back next week and get a few more, as to not clear the shelves. while I was there, i got 6 bound notebooks, 3 folders, 2 pencil sharpeners, 1 wooden ruler, & a pack of glow bracelets (i had my kids with me)…after paying with $3 EB, i only paid $0.24 oop!

afterwards, i went to kroger & got some great deals on pork loins & chicken breasts. also, they had the wisk laundry soap on the “buy 10” special & after using the $2 off Q from a Red Plum awhile back, it was only just over $1 for the laundry soap.

sorry no pic, i already put everything away. happy shopping!