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I’m taking a couple of days off of work for personal vacation and yes, I spent half of it couponing. I even ran into one of the supervisors at the store who wondered why I was shopping during work hours, lol (he forgot I had vacation time scheduled). Besides our shop at Albertson’s (best shop of the day-in another post), here are some other stops we made today.


Original Product Value: 29.55

Out of Pocket: 2.55

Saved: 27.00=91%


Original Product Value: 40.96

Out of Pocket: 8.69

Saved:32.27= 79%

Register Rewards leftover for next time: (not accounted for above) $16. Savings including RR=118%


Original Product Value: 20.72

Out of Pocket: 6.39

Saved:14.33 = 69%

Gift Card leftover for next time: (included in saved percentage above) $5.


Original Product Value: 7.74

Out of Pocket: .99

Saved: 6.75=87%

Rite Aid

Original Product Value: 7.09

Out of Pocket: .52

Saved: 10.99 (considering the $4 Single Check Rebate I’m submitting)=155%

+UPs leftover for next time: (not accounted for above) $2. Savings including +UPs=183%

BTW-the Walmarts was the most annoying!!! I went to 4 Walmarts today (promised my hubby and self I’ll never do that again). At the last 1 we finally found a large quantity of the cutter candles, there were plenty left over. Also, none of them had the $1 MM Purina dog food. The 1 that we knew had them before was out and they refused to let me do it last time when they had it in stock. They stated they wouldn’t do overage. I called corporate and the girl there said they have the right to change the walmart policy which clearly states they can pay me cash back?! To add to the frustration, we walked out at the 1st Walmart today when the cashier gave me the “It’s not on the picture” line (oh…my..goodness….that’s what words are for on coupons!) and she refused to help. Overall-I hate Walmart for couponing.

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