Spent $75 in minutes and earned $75 back with my deals! lol. Then there’s the $25.00 gas card after that! What a blast! I gotta get some pics….

So $50 a Downy Fabric Softener@5.99, 2 bounty napkins, 4 Pantene Shampoos@3.99 ea., 10 cans of dog food, 6 frozen veggies, 2 pkg. Oreos @2/6.00, 10 Green Giant Frozen veggies, 5 Box Suddenly Salads, 3 Spices, 2 box brownies, 1 cake, 1 frosting, 4 crystal lights @3.49 on base, a box of Reeses Cereal, 1 Colgate, 2 Planter’s Trail Mixes, 5 Coffee Creamers….for $50 out of pocket!

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One thought on “Shop Rite in CT”

  1. Sadeadrian says:

    Hi what part of ct I’m in ct. Was back in cash or 75 towards there store only?