2- Boxes of Toaster Strudels
1- Italian Ice
1- Eggs (Free)
2- Container of Butter
2- Apple Juice
3- Colgate Toothpaste
4- OxiClean (Those were .99 after $3/coupon)
4- Boxes of Cereal
2- Boxes of Pancake Mix
2- Bottles of Syrup
4- Boxes of Yogurt
6- Boxes of Instant Oatmeal
6- Containers of Pure Leaf (Large)
2- Boxes of Go-Go Squeeze Applesauce

I used one coupon for Toaster Strudel, which was doubled to a $1. I used one for two tubs of butter which included the eggs. Colgate, used the $1.00 off. Used the coupon for applesauce. The Oxi I used the $3 off making those .99.

Everything else was reduced when I bought the required minimum to get the discount.

My total was $159.00. After coupons, discounts my total was $57.44!