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So a monkey walked into CVS

Jenny & Rascal

Made you look! I just wanted to title it something different…

This was my first attempt at a haul. It’s kind of garden variety newbie type, but if you knew how much time and energy I’ve spent trying to learn about this world, you’d understand why I’ve decided to “brag” about it. Hehehe

Note: My cashier was great and very patient. He was the only one up there, so I kept stopping and letting others check out so that we could take our time with my transactions. I probably made some errors because of the start/stop process, but I learned a lot! That will help me next time. :O)

Transaction #1
Cottonelle Cover $1.99
Paid $2.15 Received 1.99 ECB

(It worked, let’s see if it’ll let me do it again!)

Transaction #2
Cottonelle Cover $1.99
Paid $2.15 Received 1.99 ECB

(Woop! Again? Wait, how many of these things do I really need..snap out of it!)

(I’m still debating it, *wink*)

Transaction #3
3 Playtex Tampons $7.99 each
1 Shaving Gel $2.50
Cost before coupons: $26.47
Used $4 off $20 purchase coupon (one time coupon for signing my card up online)
Used 3x $1/1 MF Coupons on Tampons
Used $0.55/1 Shaving Gel MF Coupon
Used two $1.99 ECBs
OOP: $16.17 Received 10 ECB

Transaction #4
Blink Tears $8.99
3 Greeting Cards $.99 each
Cost before coupons: $11.96
Used $4 Peelie (woo hoo) on the Blink tears
Used $2 CVS coupon on cards
Used $1.99 ECB (I had this one from previous cottonelle purchase)
OOP: $3.97 Received 8.99 & 3 ECB

Transaction #5
Dream Water Snoozeberry $5.79
Used $3 ECB
OOP: $2.97 Received 5.79 ECB

Transaction #6
2 Glade Candle $3 each
2 Windex $3 each
Physician Formula Concealer $5.99
Used $1/2 MF coupon on Glade candles
Used 2 $1/1 MF Coupon on Windex
Used $5.79 ECB
Used $8.99 ECB
OOP: $0.23 cents Received 4 & 7 ECB

If I paid full price without coupons (As if!) and didn’t have ECBs, my cost would have been $71.65 (I figured in tax)

It takes a lot for me to not obsess about what I would normally pay and overlook the fact I’m overpaying to get extra bucks to eventually save money..seems like a lot of trouble..But, after weeks of watching other people’s brag posts & blog posts, I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a shot.

Original Cost: $71.65
My Total OOP: $27.46
Total ECBs Remaining for next time: $21

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