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So Happy!


Checkout 1:
2 Coppertone Sunscreen 9.79 each
1.00 coupon from the Walgreens June Savings
5.00 off two from the Sunday paper
2.00 Walgreens rebate
=11.58 + I recieved a 10.00 rebate so that makes the two sunscreens 0.79 each

Checkout 2:
Loreal Sub/Mousse 6.99
2 Suave Conditioners 1.00 each
Bayer 3.19
Scott Paper Towels 6 pack 5.00
Clariol Hair Dye on clearence for 3.00
coupons used:
2.00 off the Clariol Hair Product which made it 1.00
4.00 off the Loreal Hair Product
1.00 off the Scott Paper Tpwels found in the Walgreens booklet
3.00 off the Bayer
10.00 store rebate from sunscreens
=.18 plus tax

Checkout 3:
Real Soft Double Roll 12 pack 5.00
1.00 coupon from the Walgreens Booklet
2.00 rebate

Total for Walgreens: 14.11 I must say the cashier at Walgreens she was so great she took me at the beauty counter due to the fact I had three small children with me! She was so patient and caring double checking for me that the coupons were working, one of my Loreal coupons wouldnt work so she found another coupon for me, that actually was worth more to me than the savings!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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