20150808_144533 (640x360)We drink a lot of coffee, A LOT is an understatement. Go ahead and call us snobs, but we prefer Starbucks to other options at the grocery store. I probably buy coffee 3 times a year, and if I don't, my husband ends up driving to Target and paying $8.99 for a bag. I also stopped getting newspaper coupons, so this was made with only printable coupons. The expiration dates on the bags are primarily January and February 2016! Fry's offering buy 5, get $5 off 3 Bags Coffee 2 10ct KCup Use 1 $2 off 1 bagged or KCup (Starbucks.com) *1 per transaction Use 1 $2 off 2 bagged or $2 off 2 flavored bagged (both coupons.com) Use 1 $3 off 2 KCup 4.99 each wyb 5 Pay 17.95 Submit for $2 off 2 KCup Snap Credit Like Paying $15.95 for all 5- $3.19 an item, or .32 a KCup I did a several trips (need to get better with making grocery lists) throughout the week with a total of 5 transactions. This ends Tuesday, wanted to get my purchase in before I shared with shelf clearers :) Sadly, this may only last us until November. Be nice to your teachers, this is what they need to love certain children. in all, I have 15 bags of coffee, 10 boxes of KCups and spent $79.75 Compare that to 25 items at $8.99 each for $222.50- I'm not mad at it