$19.99 each box or $10.49 each bag
$5 off 2 boxes or bags.
Publix coupon $2.00 off each box or bag
Mfr coupon $2.00 off each box or bag

Wipes $5.99
Publix coupon $1.00 off
Mfr coupon .50 (dbls to 1.00)

Total $3.99 each bag of wipes
Total was $12.99 each box & $3.99 each bag

Publix coupons are from celebrate summer book. And the others are from last weeks paper but can also be found on


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One thought on “Stocking up for my twins💙”

I too diaper coupon for my twin grandsons and it saves us lots. Blessings on your new babies, lots of work but so worth it. We love having twins!


Thank you! I love having them too! Super scary when we found out our one baby turned into two but we couldn’t be happier now that the boys are here!


Congrats on having twins!! I have 2 year old twin girls and definitely should of couponed when they were in diapers, we went through soooo many!! Good job stocking up 🙂


Thank you! I just started couponing this week! I’m addicted after getting all of these diapers!! My twins are 10 weeks! I wish I had started the moment I found out I was pregnant! But better late than never!!!


Congratulations on your twins ! 😀


Thank you!!