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Sunday Drugstore Run Whoo Hoo!!!

Daryl Ann Guy

And Wags and CVS…..

Rite aid

Wow I bought 8 blushes/ bronzers and 2 pantene shampoos for .34
Blush/ Bronzer 4.39 bogo 50% used 4 8.00 off q
2 pantene (to eliminate the overage) 2/7 1.00 off 2 q
paid .34 plus tax Got 10 +UP
Then bought
1 tide 5.97 used .50 off 1 Q
3 pepsi max 3/3.99 used 3 .55 off 1 Q
1 pert plus 3.50 $1.00 off q
paid .11 plus tax Got 3.00 +up

AND I AM JUST 17.00 Away from a $10.00 rebate and 10.00 Donation to NBCF.

AND redeem the coupon codes on the receipt at the website I wound up with 2 Taylor Swift Shirts and a journal for my girls.

Talk about getting paid!!!!!

Note the make up will be donated.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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