Great saving deal at Target. May seem like a little extra work but the savings is worth it!! Key importance is to buy this face wash online for instore pick up!

St Ives $3.87 x 4 = $15.48
Online save 10% off St Ives.
Buy 4 get $5 giftcard( Online only)
In store when you pick up show them
cartwheel for an additional 15% off. ( they will apply it)
And lastly use 4 coupons of $1.50 off ST Ives.
It’s like paying .84 cents total or .21 cents each!

Always keep a $5 giftcard on hand that way you truly pay .84 cents out of pocket. Many stores may struggle with this but will figure out how to do it. How the lady at guest service did it for me was she adjusted to price for pick up to $1.78 for each Saint Ives. (this includes the cartwheel and coupons applied)
This savings deal ends Saturday!!


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4 thoughts on “Super Savings for St Ives at Target”

I went to Target and they insisted that the cartwheels and coupns could not be used for Online orders using In Store Pickup.


If you order online first.


Target does not honor Cartwheel coupons for this offer.


Did you pay online or in store?