Soooo… today I stopped in Kroger on a mini grocery run. I was browsing the personal care aisle and I noticed the lotions were on close out sale. One price tag read $4 and the other did not have a price. I pick up the one for $4 and the one without a price. When I get to the register the one without the tag was $2!!!!! That was a super steal…so of course I got all they had left!!! The lotions are originally $8 I paid $2 for 6 of them!!!! That made my day. Total spent:$12.96 with tax


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3 thoughts on “Super savings: Vaseline repair serum”

Kcl did you make a mistake why is there a pic of target body wash and your talking about Kroger ?????


Not sure if you are looking at something different…the picture I put up is the lotion from kroger.


S2 each I meant:!!!😃