6 bottles of suave men’s hair and body wash
3 bottles of mouthwash
2 tubes of toothpaste
12 sticks of deodorant
4 big bags of dog food
7 lipsticks
2 king size kitkats
1 can of wet dog food
One of my $10 coupons didn’t work and the lipsticks were in the wrong place so had to pay $1 more a piece. And I forgot my $4/1 dog food coupons. That would’ve brought my price down to $4. 🙁
Total ended up $37.xx
Used 3 $1/1 crest prohealth mouthwash
2 $1/1 Colgate total
6 $1/1 speedstick twin pack
7 $.50/1 any wet-n-wild
Still a successful haul.


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3 thoughts on “Super savings at Walmart”

Can I use the $10/$40 from target. @ Walmart


Is there a 10off coupons for walmart?


How did u do the dog food