6 Digiornos + 2 Cherry Pepsi’s = $12.00 😘

Digiornos 2/$9
(2) B2G1 Free Coupons (Sunday Paper)
*When you buy 2 you get 1 free Pepsi 2 liter
**Also had 2 “apology” coupons from a truly unforgiving experience at my local target ($3/each).

Big Savings! Pizza Saturday’s for the next 5 Saturday’s! Have to save one special one for #SuperBowlSunday 🏈


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2 thoughts on “#SuperBowlReady”

Did you submit to saving star for $5 back? I used my Digorno coupons at CVS and Riteaid which had some awesome sales. Both store cards are linked to my savings star account and automatically went towards the Nestle threshold of $30 giving me $5 back!


I’m guessing this was Target? If yes, you bought 6 pizzas, so you should’ve received “3” pepsi 2L products. Your form of payments were coupons and other. Next time you go back there, just bring your receipt and the ad to show them that their sale was buy 2 pizzas and get a pepsi. So you bought 6, you should’ve gotten 3 pepsi, but you only got 2. Good Luck.