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Surprise at checkout!! 7 DOllars MONEYMAKER














I did the deal on glade this morning at Walgreens So i had four coupons and headed to the store with my mom so i get there and the cashier tells me that i have to get something else because it has to be 3 dollars or more before tax so he is like get the paper clips its the cheapest thing we have so i am like okay fine so he goes and gets them the in-store coupon doesn’t scan. he calls the manager, the manager then tells me that now they have a rewards system that i have to sign up so i do and i ask him i thought you had to lower the coupon because it couldn’t be more than my product and he answers oh shoot YOU ARE RIGHT!!! so i get extremely happy because now i don’t have to buy something i don’t need but his system was not letting him so he just made the glade three dollars so i could use the coupons now HERE IS THE SURPRISE!! i was paying all fine and my mom was receiving the receipts and everything than my mom notices that each transaction is giving us two 1 dollar RR so she tells the manager because she has her honesty policy and the manager is like well its your lucky day if the computer is printing two then the computer wants you to have TWO! So in total with got 8 RR and we only paid .92 cents (.23*4=.92) so its a 7 dollar moneymaker!! Oh i almost forgot and each glade has 1 off coupon that expires Dec 31 2013


SOrry the picture is blurry my cellphone does not have a great camera

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