My sweet tooth is covered thanks to this sweet deal at CVS!
Bought 2 bags Reese’s eggs 2.88 ea.
Bought 1 bag Reese’s pieces 2.88
Bought 2 bags M&M’s 2/5.00
Bought 1 Heath candy bar .99
Used 2.00/2 Hershey’s manufacture coupon
Used 1.00/2 M&M’s manufacture coupon
Used .74/1 off select Hershey’s CVS coupon machine
Used 3.00/3 Hershey’s CVS coupon machine
Used 1.00 off 5.00 candy CVS coupon machine
Used 5.00 extra bucks from last week
Paid 1.89 out of pocket with 1.00 extra buck at end of transaction.
Now that is one SWEET DEAL!!


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