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Jacquelyn McColl

Cheese is always pricy am I right?!  I totally love when I score on items that are marked down in the diary or meat department at Albies.  They are the unexpected savings!  When I went through today to get my freebie Bounty Basic and Colgate toothpaste (for the second day in a row), I ran through the diary, like I usually do and saw those beautiful green “managers special” coupon stickers on the Precious Provolone Stringsters (new flavor btw). They are on sale for $4.49 this week (regularly $7.99-rediculous right?), and they had $3.00 off stickers on them. Plus I had coupons that rounded to $1.00 for the coupon round up week, getting them for $.49 each!  All what you see in the photo for $2.45. WOOT WOOT!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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