ALL POWER CORE PACS 18 ct $3.38, used 30% off Cartwheel, and $1 mfr making total $1.36,,,, GAIN FLINGS 72ct $15.71, used $2 mfr making total $13.71.


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3 thoughts on “Target $1.36 All Power Core 18 ct, $13.71 Gain flings 72 ct!”

My target had gain flings on clearance for 9.98 for that count but also had the 100 oz bottles on clearance for 7.28 and those were triggering the gift cards so I went with the liquid. I love target clearance.


What? $9.98! Lucky. I had bottles on clearance too, but I’ve been trying to stick to one type of detergent so I’m trying to stick to pacs instead of liquid. Maybe I will go get those liquids too since they’re ringing the GC. Thanks!


The flings at my store have been on clearence for a few weeks now and I probably should’ve bought them as well since that’ll probably be the lowest price they’ll be marked down to or someone else will buy them, I forgot to look at the % off in the corner of price sticker to see if it’s at the lowest price yet. 9.98 sounds like though it’s at 50% now but not real sure on that, just a guess. Be real nice if they make it down to 75% off but I have a feeling someone will buy them before it gets to that!