No gift cards, just free (tax?).

3oz cans usually 57 cents each.

perfect portions, usually 79 cents each.

purchase 30.

use one B10G10 Free, up to 8.90 from RP 8/23.

use one B5G5 Free, up to 4.45 from RP 8/23.

use two 50% off 15 Target coupon from RP 9/27.

The MQ pay for half and the Target coupon pays for the other half.

Technically, you can get 60 for free, because the Target coupon states Limit 4 of their own coupon per transaction, just might be hard to find 60 on the shelf at one time/store. The MQ does not state a limit of coupons, however, it expires 10/3.

I submitted this 2 days ago as a deal, but nothing has shown up. Why I’m posting know, is if you don’t have the coupons, order ASAP. My first time using Klip2save. Then I ordered online for store pick up, my daughter’s cat is picky with her flavors, so I was able to see which store had what, then it puts it on “hold” for me for 4 days, which the coupons should be in by that time. Then go into the store and do it as a regular in-store transaction. Waited to see if KCL would post, but time is important on this one.

Good Luck.


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12 thoughts on “Target, 30 cans or perfect portions Sheba FREE till 10/3”

I agree that I love KCL’s site. They have some awesome deals. I don’t think I’ve ventured away from their site more than just a few times in the past year, since I’ve started couponing. What other “dozens” sites are you referring to? I try to give back to KCL by clicking on their links as much as possible. I believe you, that this deal has probably been posted elsewhere. I honestly, didn’t see it anywhere, cuz I’m not looking elsewhere. You know how it goes, when you just look at a few coupons and possible sales, and you can put it together. Good Luck to everyone, and let’s stay positive.


This was posted on more than a few other sites on Saturday and earlier! They probably want to offer other deals and scenarios that aren’t already oversaturated on the dozens of other couponing sites. KCL is great at digging up fresh deals for us! Each site has it’s place, it’s followers and a certain niche for different deals.


Thanks! I got the deal today!!


How can you use 2 50 percent off? And 2 manufacturer coupons in the same transaction ? I’m confused.


it’s called “stacking” in the coupon lingo, read up on target’s coupon policy….even from their own website.
look at the fine print.
this target coupon allows up to 4 target coupons in one transaction.
the manuf coupon does not have a limit of how many coupons per transaction, even though target’s policy is 4 “like” MANUFACTURER’S coupon per transaction….. now does the deal make sense?
“like” means identical…. in other scenarios, you could use 4 neswpaper coupons that are identical, and then use printable coupons that are different (barcode, exp date, value amount… are different, let alone that one type is newpaper and one type is printable).
try it out, if you don’t like the scenario, you don’t have to buy it.


Not algebra. Just poorly explained so questions remained for some that may have not done such a scenario. Also, some stores won’t accept coupons, (Manufacturer or Store) after the fact for an in store pickup order so YMMV.


Sorry, if my original “brag” was not clear. Use 2 TQ’s and 1 MQ of B10G10F, and 1 MQ of B5G5F, with a total of 30 units, and that you could “double” to get 60 (details in above “Brag”) was not clear. ((TQ*2=MQ1 + MQ2)*2) I tried to explain, and I am in no way a math wizard, the comment about “Algebra”, might be acceptable to us non-math people.
Additionally, I did place an in store pick up based on availability from Target’s website. I received email confirmations that is was ready. When I went into the store, I was up front with my intentions. That I wanted to “reserve” the items and that is why I did the “in store pick up”. But I told them I was not able to use my coupons (target and manufacturer) online, could I cancel that order and just do it as a regular “in store” transaction. No problem on their end. The coupons went through fine, the only hiccup was when I used my Target Red Card to pay, it froze out the register. Not sure why, but guessing that the system was possibly trying to deduct 5% off (does the 5% go to after Target coupons/cartwheel, but before MQ?, don’t know, still new to this, any advice?), but the subtotal was “0”. Afterthought, if I had another separate item in that transaction, the subtotal wouldn’t have been “0”, then the system would’ve detected something to deduct the 5% from. No biggy, because I just paid cash and there was no issue. Another thought, I know these coupons have a max value. And sometimes, cashiers will give you the max value, which can be a moneymaker, but it’s a chance on what the cashier you check out will do, meaning, if you have other items totaling over $5.56 (max value minus actual value (your amount might be different)), it could be that $5.56 of a moneymaker to your next items in the same transaction.
So, you can see, this deal did work (re-bragged it 9/30….manager training new cashier at guest services even said, that everything was legit and that it was nice to see a transaction where everything was legit.)
So this reply is to “helpful” and others, yes, I still have questions about how the registers take things off. And a new one for me, what is “YMMV”? I hope it’s nice? Again, let’s be positive, didn’t think this would be so long, but I have a lot of thoughts, and a bunch of them I’m not expressing.


This was a great and easy deal this week. I personally put it together Friday through the coupon previews. So I was prepared on Saturday as I get the early Sunday edition of the local paper. I don’t know if all the details of this deal needed to be typed out again, but kudos for being thorough for those who may have needed it put another way again.

Yes, the Red Card hiccup was that there was nothing to deduct 5% from. You should’ve used a reusable bag too to get another 5cents deducted lol! And added a filler item

Ymmv is quite common in coupon lingo for Your Mileage May Vary. Includes details such as: coupon overages-maximum value amounts being deducted on lower priced items, manufacturer coupons which state “redeemable at” or have a store logo, ETS and no size restrictions, a coupon that limits the number of like coupons that can be used per transaction or purchase rather than the usual 4, limits of “x” coupons per customer…etc, etc. Used frequently for anything that might vary slightly or vastly from store to store such as policies and management protocol. HTH! And I don’t think anyone was intending to be negative, only stating that every deal isn’t on every site. Again, HTH & glad to read your daughter’s cats are stocked up for free on the flavors they prefer


How did you use 2 of the 50percent off? It asks for 15 cans on each coupon?


One target coupon (q) is for 15.
you can use up to 4 target q in one transaction, says so on q.
so if you use 2 target q, that’s 30, with half being free
if you just used 1 target q, the math won’t add up with the maunuf (m) q’s.
it’s a little algebra here.
so, if you use 1 mq for buy 10 get 10 free, that’s 20.
then use the other mq of buy 5 get 5 free, that’s another 10, total is now 30.
the manuf q just gave you 15 out of 30 for free.
that’s why you need 30.
kind of rare, like a buy one get one free sale that matches up with a buy one get one free coupon.
and technically, you can “double” this and get 60 free in one transaction.
keep the units/items/price values the same in each transaction.


What is RP?


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