Had a $10 gift card to target from buying diapers.
First transaction, bought 4 Pantene shampoos/conditioners and used two 4 off 2 coupons and 25% off with cartwheel paid 7.86 (used GC) and got another $5 GC
Seperate transaction I bought 6 Herbal Essence shampoos/conditioners and 6 Aussie shampoos/condtioners and used three 4 off 2 for herbal and three 4 off 2 for Aussie. So that came to 6.43 including tax. I used the 2.14 remaining on first GC and 4.29 from New gift card with .71 cents remaining


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One thought on “Target $50 for practicaly free”

I also used a 5 dollar off target coupon