4 Tyson chicken nuggets
4 Totinos pizza
1 Tyson gluten free chicken nugget
1 Tyson ready to eat chicken strips
3 Eggo waffles
2 crunchy toco bell dinner kits
3 12 packs Pepsi/my dew
2 crunchmaster snack crackers
Retail was 68.29 after using my cartwheel coupons and rebates and I only paid $ 31.57 plus received $25.00 if gift cards!
Thankful for finding your website I’ve learned how to save so much the past couple of months thanks!


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2 thoughts on “Target”

Good job!!!!


Great job!I’m writing this down, getting the coupons and cartwheels and I’m going to Target. Thanks, this looks great,love the stuff you got and the price!!!!