Target Bic Deal from KCL’s site, through 9/12/15

Bic Promotion of Buy 3 and get a $5 Gift Card (GC) along with the spend $25 on school supplies and get a $5 GC.

Purchased 4 Bic Atlantis pens (2 different styles) at $2.99. ($11.96)

Used four $1 off 1 Q’s from SS 8/16.

Purchased 5 Bic 18ct Mechanical Pencils at $2.62. (13.01)

Used two $1 off 2 Q’s from SS 8/2.

However, before handing those coupons over, I used my Target Mobile Q (from texting “School” to their #, 827438) to receive a $5 GC on any school supplies at least $25. (the 9 items above were $25.06).

The signage for the Bic promotions were where pens, etc… normally are, not in the temporary “school” area.

Just make sure your cashier is handing over the $5 GC as they ring up the third item for the Bic Promo (however many multiples of this you do).  Sometimes, they get caught up in conversation and might not notice.  Also, the reverse, if you’re not getting the GC after the third one goes through, let them know then.  Then at the end, (before you hand over the MQ), give them the Target Mobile Q for the $5 GC because of a $25 school supply purchase.

$25.06 – $6 Q’s = $19.06, received $20 GC (4 x $5GC) = 94 cents given to me to take all of these products home.