1-Credit card reader $9.99
Received $9.99 EB

1-Purex 50 oz sale $1.99
Ibotta $1.00

2-VitaFruit sale $8.97 each
Two transactions, 2 rebate accounts
Ibotta $3.00 each, Shopmium $3.00 each, Shrink $3.00 each
$2.06 moneymaker on two


So much to list, but did three transactions due to having 3 rebate accounts for our household and my mothers. Also includes Halloween bonus on Ibotta, and October bonus

3-Large Purex $6.99 each
Used $3.00 mfg
Used $1.00 mfg
Received $5.00 GC
$1.25 each on Ibotta- $3.75
Cartwheel $2.10
Savingstar $4.00
$2.00 for all 3

3-Calendula $11.99 each
Used 3-$5.00 mfg
Used 3-$2.00 coupon on box
Received 3-$5.00 GC
Ibotta $4.00 each-$12.00 total
$12.00 moneymaker on 3

3-Large Zico $3.99 each
Ibotta $4.00 each-$12.00
$.03 moneymaker

1-Ferrero Rocher $.99
Cartwheel 50%

2-Small Zico $1.99 each
Used 2-$1.50 mfg
Ibotta $1.50
$.50 moneymaker

Glade Fall marked down even further. 2 Pk oils were $2.44, rest of items were $1.48
Used $1.50/2 on all items and submitted to Ibotta. $1.00 each on oil, $.50 each on rest
About .23 each after coupons and Ibotta

Kroger- 2 transactions

8-Carnation drinks sale $1.19 each
Used 2-$1.00 mfg
Received 2-$3.00 Catalina
$1.52 for 8

All in all, after Ibotta October bonus and Halloween Bonus on each card, retail was $162.00, moneymaker of $18.00 not including taxes.


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9 thoughts on “Target And Cvs Moneymaker”

What is GC and EB? Sorry just started learning about couponing


Gift Cards and Extra Bucks


Still, you shouldn’t have used 2 MQ’s for one item. It’s considered coupon fraud, and companies will make it more difficult for us couponers if people keep abusing the cashiers’ lack of knowledge.


i agree, except did she know better? just cause a cashier allows it doesn’t make it legal! and ibotta only allows 1 account per device, so she must have 2 devices.


You should have had them price match the Calendula online $7.59 price. See if they will reimburse you the difference.


I see what’s important….The ferrero chocolate….great deals you got! I can barely stay organized with one account..
Wondering, if one does have access to multiple accounts, say ibotta, if you buy 2 or more of something same on the same receipt….and have multiple ibotta accounts….can you submit the same receipt…. not that you’re using one purchase/item for multiple accounts??? But you’re using multiple items purchased on one receipt to get a better deal with something…and ibotta only has a rebate on one item .. can you submit the same receipt to ibotta on different accounts….assuming you have enough items purchased to so that each one is applied to a different account?


I don’t think so. My mom and husband have their own accounts and it is always a seperate purchase.


You cannot use 2 manufacture coupons for 1 item – your calendula deal.


That’s what I thought too but the cashier took it off and had it go through.