Hey Pretty Mamas!!

We found this great deal for Target L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner today.  Here is the scoop!

L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner

Regular Price: $3.99 (bottle size 12.6 oz)

-Two Coupons: $2.00/1 – Click Here for Coupon

-ONE or TWO Target Coupons: $3.00/2 – Found at coupons.target.com

=Total: Varies

So, there is good news and bad news for some.  So, I used the target coupon (one for each bottle) on a smaller size bottle and got it as a money maker.  Although, now reading the coupon I realized that this coupon is for a larger size so it may not work the same for you. Also, I used two coupons – one for each bottle which again after getting home and thinking wow what a great deal I read the coupon to share with you and realized that it supposed to be one coupon for two items. That is why this item can be as low as making you money to as high as $2.49 for a larger size bottle. OR you could just use the L’Oreal coupon and receive the smaller size bottle for $1.99 ea. Overall, I figure I would share because the L’Oreal Manufacturing Coupon (not the target coupon) is a “GOODIE” coupon! Why? It have no size limit to it so you can buy the travel size too if you can find them! PRINT A LOT OF THEM



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3 thoughts on “Target L’Oreal Cheap or Moneymaker!!”

I love hearing about brags, I’m new at this and make mistakes all the time…. That’s how I’m learning… I’m going to get some hair products tomorrow… And yes having small kids with you makes it very hard!!!


Let’s start with the “target market” on couponing: adult ages between 18 and on. Focus on the word “adult.” Definition of Adult: having attained full size and strength; grown up; mature. In our society, an age specified by law as to being able to determine the difference between right and wrong.

Secondly, I am not telling nobody to try the deal I made. That is why I made it clear as to what was wrong with my transaction.

However, I did not read the L’Oreal coupon like that. I even asked a CVS manager once on the coupon and she stated it was for all L’Oreal products too. The coupon has no problem scanning at the register.

Since I can not delete this brag to save me from the embarrassment of Tiffany’s accusations, here is little background on the brag. I was shopping with my two children, one 10 months and one 4 years old, as they were going crazy I came across L’Oreal and knew I have seen a Target coupon and I knew about the other coupon from the CVS trip prior so I pulled them out of my binder holding a child in one arm and another going on and on about how he wants to go. I quickly looked at the coupons to see the pricing and grabbed the product and left.

Later that night when I got home, I went to brag and was prepping my stuff and realized it would not work but I was already half way through my post and I knew that these two coupons together could make the perfect combination. So, yes I decided to post anyways. (Again, I want to add while quickly posting this I had a child climbing on my legs grabbing the computer) While I didn’t concentrate enough to make my disclaimer apparent because I knew I was talking to a group full of adults, what I did mean by this post was two things. 1.) I think that these coupons could help someone get a good deal on L’Oreal and 2.) That L’Oreal coupon is really good because it does not exclude travel or trail size. As Tiffany did state about the coupon saying just for expertise, I was under a different impression and obviously so might others be.

I definitely could never be the Krazy Ladies with being judged constantly on everything.


The $2.00 manufacture coupon you are referencing is for the “expertise” kind of loreal, not the kind you bought. Everyone makes mistakes, but telling others to do the same deal and mis-using the coupons is wrong. shame on you.