Transaction 1:
2 Scott TP 9.99 each
Used 15% CW took off $3
Used 2 $1 off Scott printable
5% red card discount
Oop $14.23 plus tax
Received $5 gift card

Transaction 2:
2 packs bare chicken $6.99 each
40% CW off fresh chicken
Used 2 $1 on bare chicken printable

2 packs gold n plump chicken
40% CW on fresh chicken
2 $2/1 this package of meat peelie on chicken 😀
Used 2 $1 on gold n plump chicken

2 packs ground beef B1g1 20% off
$3.29 each
Used 25% CW on ground beef
Had $1/this package of meat peelie

Used 5% red card discount
OOP $12.17 plus tax!


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2 thoughts on “Target meat cartwheel!”

My 40% on CW all white meat is not available, so i bought the chicken but target didn’t honor the offer because they said the offer is only in their brand meat,i told them that said all brands but they didn’t care.Once the offer is not in the CW they said they couldn’t do nothing about, Target at NM. 😦😠


That stinks!