I got some great deals at Target and Publix today!!! All of the St. Ives body wash was free at Publix from a rain check and I applied the overage to the Dove shampoo which made that free as well! Would have been around $25 just for that without sales or coupons! Cottonelles were .99, Coffees .20, and tons of great granola bar deals! My cat is also very happy! His food was just $1.75 a bag!


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2 thoughts on “Target And Publix Success!!!”

Great haul there, where can I find the Dove shampoo/conditioner coupons?? ( I’ve checked online RP,SS )


Hi! There is a $3/2 coupon in the 7/26 RP and a $2/2 Publix printable coupon – makes it $1 for 2 of them!