2, $20 bags of purine dog food ($4 coupon on each)
1, $11 bag of purine cat food
1 target $10 off of $40 of pet food
1 purine $10 off $50 of product

Then take advantage of targets special $10 gift card promotion on laundry products and cat litter 🙂
Saved $45


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One thought on “Target steal”

Great job, but the target pet $10 off $40, and the target pet/purina $10 off $50 are both CATEGORY coupons, and only one category coupon can be used… you may have given them the $10 off $50, but it was never deducted on your receipt, only one of the $10 off was deducted, and the sku # looks like the one for $10 off $40.