Thanks to KCL and Target I will be donating 6 sets of Shampoo and Conditioner to our local women’s shelter. I used the original KCL deal of buying the shampoo plus the revlon mascara to get the $5 coupon, then using the cartwheel 40% of deal, using the $5 off Panteen coupon from the paper and $5 off Revlon coupon and also getting another $5 gift card for buying 3 expert items to make this a money maker. I then got a coupon like this from Target. I then went back the next day to buy 3 expert items, used the cartwheel coupon plus this coupon. It came up to 4.97. I paid with a $5 gift card from the original purchase plus got a $5 gift card for the three expert items. Turned into a .03 cent money maker. Each day I went in and did this I got another printed coupon so I have gone back each day and now have all of this shampoo/conditioner. I don’t need all of this but figured since it was truly free the least I could do was keep going in each day and could donate what I didn’t need to keep on hand to our local shelter. Thank you to both KCL and Target!


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One thought on “Target: Thanks, KCL”

glad to know that someone is doing this to help others. I am a newbie in couponing and I am definitely sharing this finds to my sisters in the Philippines.