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Target – Total Value $115.80….Paid $13.85


Today I went to Target and I had a great time!!!  I try to find the best, most friendly checker….but it never fails, I think it just runs through Target blood.  Apparently the manager told me that a new law was passed in California (??? I have yet to confirm this information) which states that when a coupon says “One coupon per customer per purchase” it now means that we cannot have multiple transactions using the same coupon.  We also cannot use 2 of the same coupon in a single transaction because they are trying to avoid “shelf clearing”.  Why this is an issue when we pay the correct amount, less the coupon value, and the stores are paid the correct amount for the coupons is beyond me!  Regardless, today I came home with great savings and lots of stuff!  The BIC pens were on clearance for $0.68 and I don’t have the regular sale price for them, so I know my total value was a bit more!













In 3 transactions I paid $13.85 (including tax), for $115.80 worth of products, that’s a savings of $101.95!!

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