If you go to vivatowels.com you can sign into your account (or make one) and you can print a $1.00 off any 1 or more rolls of Viva Vantage or Viva paper towels.

When I clicked print it allowed me to put in the number of copies I wanted so I printed 20!

Viva (pictured) is $1.97 at Target and right now you can use cartwheel and the coupons.

$1.97 x 20 = $39.40

$1 off x 20 = $19.40

5% cartwheel = 1.98

Total = 17.48 + tax

Can’t beat that for 20 rolls of viva! Or however many you decide to print.


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5 thoughts on “TARGET: Viva Coupon! Hurry While It Lasts!”

Listen to Tiffany. This is the same coupon 20 times, not 20 different coupons, you should only use a maximum of ONE of these coupons. You will probably be able to print another DIFFERENT coupon that you can also use. For future reference, you should almost always be limited to two coupons per computer/device you have. If you get a glitch and get another coupon, that’s fine but make sure the serial numbers are different before you use them. I don’t think there’s ever been an instance where you can print a coupon with 20 different serial numbers from the same device without it resetting. Please do not use more than one of these as it would be coupon fraud.


Look at the coupons, you will see they all have the same number/letter combination. It will look like you copied these. I would not use them. Target will not get paid back since they are the “same”.


Did this work? My sister printed 20 but the numbers are the same


When I went to add to my cartwheel, it says only good on 12pk or larger


Thats cool! It only allowed me to print two copies… Lol