Okay… So I have been couponing here and there, but I am not as good as many of you scholars on this website. 🙂

I purchased….

2- 3 count Irish Spring on sale for 2/$4 (no coupons used)

3 Pop-Tarts on sale  3/$6 (Used $1/3 MQ)

2- 20oz Gatorades on sale 2/$2  (no coupons used)

2- 9ct Total Home Toilet Paper packs on sale for $6 (used 2 $1 off one MQ)

1- 2ct Total Home Paper Towels (no coupons used)

2- 90z Dawn Dish Soap on sale for .99 (used 2 $.25 MQ)

1- Bic Soleil 3 ct on sale for $6.88 (used 1 $2 MQ)

1- Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste (used 1 $2 CVS coupon and 1 $1 MQ)

2- Edge Shaving Creams $3.29 (used 2 $1 MQ)

1- L’oreal Conditioner & 1 L’oreal Shampoo on sale for 2/$8.50 (used 2 $2 MQ)

I used $23 in Extrabucks previously earned bringing my total with tax to $19.36


**I got $20 in Extrabucks back

$2 from Bix razors

$4 from L’oreal

$5 from Edge Shaving Cream

$2 from Irish Spring

$5 from Total Home products

$2 from Gatorade**




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5 thoughts on “Tell me what you think.. $19.36 OOP & $20 Extrabucks”

Very good. By your list, looks like you are getting the hang of it.
I prefer multiple XBs rather than 1 large XB, it is easier to roll over.
Doesn’t it feel like you’re buying things with Monopoly money?
After the cash register processes the Qs, then I ask for the subtotal, then I hand over the XBs I want to use.
Good Luck


You did it!!! Great job!!!


You rocked it!!!


Great job! When I started I felt “intimidated” by the “scholars” as you call them but realized any sort of savings is good. Do what works best for you and your family. I felt I had to chase every deal I saw posted but soon realized I needed to do what worked best for me. Great job!


That is how I am now! I feel the need to chase every deal, as you said. It is kind off addicting though LOL!
Thank you for the kind words!