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Thank God for coupons


Today was a roller-coaster day for me. To make a long story short, I was very worried financially (I just got paid and after bills and rent my balance is currently $12 until following paycheck ….in two weeks) and I still needed to buy the essentials (milk, eggs, soap, toothpaste, a vapor for the humidifier,etc) and I had not idea how this would get done. I thank God so much for opening doors to the coupon world for me and my family. I prayed, took my coupon binder and asked mom to come with me. This is what we did today:
First we went to Price Chopper and found eggs for .78 cents!! Also found four Yardley soaps at $1.00 each and since I had 4/$1 off one I got all four free!
We then went to Target and found on sale thee Clairol Natural Instinct with a bonus Pantene shampoo each for $3.48.
Found Copertone waterbabies for .99 each and got 4. Also bought an OFF smooth bug repellant for $3.49.
Used 1 $5/2 Clairol, 3 $2/1 Target Clairol, 4 $1/1 Copertone any. Balance was $3.12 with tax and I used a Target GC from a previous deal a few weeks ago so I paid nothing for this Oop.
We then headed to CVS to get milk and remembered I had coupons and rainchecks too.
Transaction 1
1 Gaelick 1/2 gallon 1% $1.99
Raincheck for One Touch Mini $10 each and I got 2.
1 Stayfree pad on sale $3.99
Used $4 off $20
2/$10 One Touch
$1 off Stayfree
$.75 EBC from candy on a previous transaction early this week.
Balance $.38 cents!!

Transaction 2
12 Good and Natural bars (with plenty left) on sale .99 each
1 concealer Physicians Formula on sale .99
1 CVS vapor steam liquid for vaporizer $8.49
Filler caramel .33
$4 off $20
12/free Good and Natural bars up to $1.27 (.99 were taken off each one)
$4.99 EBC from deal last week
bal $0!!

I then remembered we had Kohls $10 off $10 or more purchase that were to expire today so we headed to Kohls and bought:
1 Necklace and earring set $18 on sale $10.80 less $10 coupon paid .85 cents with tax. (did this twice so I got two for less than $2)
Mom got 16 mini earrings $20 on sale $9.80 minus $10 coupon paid $0
Mom got earring and necklace set $19 on sale $11.20 minus $10 off coupon paid $1.28
And I got a set of earrings for me $15 on sale $10.50 used $10 off coupon and paid $.53 cents

For all at Kohls we paid less than $4 and saved a total of $67.60!!!!

Went back to CVS one last time:
Transaction 1:
2 One Touch Mini with raincheck at $10 each
1 Stayfree pad on sale $3.99
1 bottle water $1.27
$4 off $20
2/$10 One Touch
$1 off Stay free
Bal .47 cents!!

Trans 2:
Almost left when I forgot we needed toothpaste and remembered the Aquafresh deal I read on someone’s post before. Went and got 10 Aquafresh and 10 coupons next to it!!
5 Aquafresh at $2.27 each
5 Aquafresh at half off $1.13 each
2 Pantene shampoo and conditioner 2/$6.97
1 Biore Cleanser $8.99
1 Biore pore strips $7.99
1 bottle water .99 (mom got thirsty)
$4 off $20
10/$1 off Aquafresh from store
1 Buy Biore Strips get cleanser free (took off $8.99)
Buy one Pantene get one free (took $3.54 off)
$2 off CVS machine any Biore
30% off any purchase on card.
Used $9 EBC from previous week
Bal $.59 cents!

Got back $5 EBC Aquafresh
$1 EBC Pantene
$1 EBC greet tag.

So you see, today I woke up defeated wondering how it would all work and ended getting all this for $6.36 Oop when I should have paid $266+.
I am so thankful!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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