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Thank you Rite Aid!


This is my 1st brag on the KCL and I think it’s a great one!
I had been hearing (reading) about the great clearance deals on baby items going on at Rite Aid so, having 1 in diapers and one on the way, I figured I would go check it out to see if I could score some of the same deals! Well, I was pleasantly surprised! The 1st Rite Aid I went to, the manager showed me a few boxes of diapers! He even told me “They will ring up 21.99 but they’re on clearance for $5.50 AND you get a $5 UpReward for each box!” Whoa! And that is without coupons! Thank you Mr. Manager! .50 a box!? I can deal with that! =D Unfortunately, not all the Rite Aids in my area were participating in the same great deal but I was able to score 14 boxes and a few other items on clearance from 3 different stores!

I could have done a better job at finding coupons/printing them and rolling the Up Rewards and such but I know I’ll use them so I didn’t bother. And I probably could have used more $5rewards on some transactions but I didn’t want to run too close with taxes etc. The Managers also had to override the price because they would ring up 21.99.

Rite Aid #1
3 boxes Pampers (21.99) $5.50 clearance price
Total OOP $17.18
Received 3-$5 Up Rewards
Total- $2.18

Rite Aid #2 (this one only gave me a 50% discount, still worth it!)
1 box Pampers (21.99) $10.99 clearance price

-$5 Up Reward (from 1st Pampers Purchase)

Total OOP $6.44
Received 1-$5 Up Reward

Rite Aid #3
Transaction #1
4 boxes Pampers (21.99) $5.50 clearance price

(2) -$2 any one Pampers box (given to me from a friend)
(1) -$1 any Pampers box (P&G 6/3/12)
(2) -$5 Up Rewards from previous Pampers purchase

Total OOP $7.91
Received (4) $5 Up Rewards

Transaction #2
Boudreauxs Diaper Rash Protector (5.99) $1.49 Clearance Price
Avent Bottle Multi Pack (13.50) $1.49 Clearance Price
6 boxes Pampers (21.99) $5.50 Clearance price

(1) -$2 Avent Bottle MultiPack (given to me from friend)
(5) -$5 Up Rewards

Total OOP- $10.40
Received 6- $5 Up Rewards

Price before clearance (excluding taxes)- $307.86
Price after clearance (ex. taxes) – $77
Grand total OOP- $41.93
Remaining Up Rewards- $30

Total- $11.93
Price per item- .85
That’s about a 96% savings!

YESS!!! =D

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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