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The early bird got the worm :)

Amanda Hilbert

Opened the insert from today and saw some coupons that I knew Kroger had good sales going that were ending today so I ran over there expecting to see empty shelves, but was presently surprised!!!

Milk.. $2.89 no coupon :(
4 Sun Drop 2-liters.. $1.00 – $1.00 mq SS 5/6= FREE!
3 Van Camp’s Baked Beans.. $1.00 each no coupon, but hubby wanted it :)= $3.00
8 Kraft BBQ.. $1.39 each- .50/2 mq doubled to $1.00= .89 each
***Each bottle had a peelie for WYB 2 Kraft bbq, get $2.00 off 1 Country time lemonade.
4 Country Time Lemonade.. $1.00- $2.00 peelie from BBQ sauce= $1.00 MM on each!
***I figured with it being Kroger, they would have to adjust the coupon down to $1.00 just to make it free, but it went through with no problem!

Usually on deals like this everything is gone by the time I get there, but the early bird got the worm and there was still TONS left on the shelf.. even the BBQ sauce. I was very happy!!!
Total before Kroger card and coupons=$44
Total after Kroger card and coupons=$9
Saved 79% on food we’ll actually get great use of!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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