Cvs had them on sale for 2.94 (no limit). I had 10 $2/1 coupons from 2/7 newspapers: on the back of the parade newsletter and Tides ad inside the newspaper. Coupon only limits 4 per day per household, so I went three days to cvs to coupon for them. Paid 94 cents plus tax for each one!!!


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3 thoughts on “Tide 40 oz at CVS!”

Yes, the tide coupons here in MD excluded Tide Simply as well. I was going to use them at CVS but
then saw on the coupons tide simply was excluded. Those coupons expired today.


Love tides i purchase 60 of them


They must have sent/printed out different coupons for certain regions because the coupons that i got specifically excludes tide simply. Lucky u!!!