Not really a brag, but more FYI, I’m in the Chicagoland area. In the tribune 2.7.16, in the ad/flier section, there was a whole page Tide $2 Q, in addition, on the back page of the “Parade” (again in the Tribune) there is another tide $2 off Q. Both exclude “Simply” & tts. But both are for liquid or pods. They do NOT state the normal EX. 5ct pods, or 10 oz detergent. If you have an OLD tide coupon that shows those stricter limitations, hold on to it to show cashiers why this one would apply.


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2 thoughts on “Tide coupons 2.7.16”

These coupons also showed up in Triad area of NC as well!!


I got these to in the western Kentucky area in Sunday paper!