Last week at my CVS they had Scott Tube Free 9 rolls toilet paper on sale for $4.99 they where sold out.So I got a rain check 2@ $4.99 plus I had a $2.00 plus I used 2 $1.00 cupons which I only paid $5.98 for both. plus I used $4.00 extra rewards bucks.I only started couponing in January an have already save over $200.00 towards a summer vacation…love this couponing .which I would’ve done this a long time ago..and thank you for all your great tips


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2 thoughts on “Toliet Paper Savings at Cvs!”

great job! there is also a $1 ibotta rebate for that kind of toilet paper 🙂


That’s awesome savings i just start 4/30
I pray i get it