Target has a special on Tone Body Wash, buy 4 get a $5 gift card.

Sale price of 2.99 x 4 = 11.96 oop plus state tax.

Rolled the gift card from that transaction. Did three more sets of 4, triggering a $5 gift card each time.

2.99 x 4 = 11.98 – $5 gift card from previous transaction = 6.96

11.96 + (6.96 x 3) = $32.84 out of pocket expense with a $5 gift card left over from the final transaction.

Then, submitted to the Shopmium app, which has a rebate for Tone of $1.50 a bottle.  I was able to use this discount up to 20 times.  I received $24 back within a day ($1.50 x 16)

Total out of pocket cost is is 8.84 before tax (not including the Target gift card left over)

Per bottle without gift card factored in is .55 cents. Per bottle including the gift card is just .24 cents a bottle!

The cheapest without coupon price of these I’ve found is Walmart at $2.97 a bottle.


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8 thoughts on “Tone at Target!”

Thanks for the tip I’m actually heading to target now! And guess what you got a great deal and there are plenty of people who can buy the deal online who won’t even use shopmium for the rebate. #doyourthang


Can you use your target red card to still get the deal? I saw shopmium says no other coupons but I wasn’t sure if that was considered a coupon or not


It’s terrible when the shelves get cleared. Because I know you did or almost did. Nothing to brag about


I live an hour away from Target and I called ahead and they ordered extra for me. But thank you for the judgmental tone, I appreciated that


Jenna, I think you did an amazing job stocking up as you did and I really appreciate the pun (judgemental “TONE”) and these were for “TONE” shower gels, lol 🙂 !!! Amazing haul, and thank you for sharing with us how to do this. I think I too may call ahead. No “haul-shaming” here girl! Kuddos


Good job


That is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


That is amazing, great job!